Digital Health Data Governance Call 21st April

From: 15:00 CET 21/04/22

To: 16:00 CET 21/04/22

Location of event: Microsoft Teams

Discussing the need for Digital Health Data Governance. Transform Health presented their Digital Health Data Governance principles which can be found here. The DCCC presented how we as a platform will relate to those principles, and what you as an organization could do. The call to action is to read the principles, endorse them, and/or give feedback on what must be considered/changed. There is a feedback page on the HDGP page your expertise is warmly encouraged here, where there is a Advocacy ToolKit where you can contribute to the Below is the content shared during the call. Slides from the call: Presentation Health Data Governance DCCC 21 April IFPMA Data Ethics Document: IFPMA-Data-Ethics-Principles-QA-June-2021

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