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We are continually looking to onboard new partners who are willing to commit to our mission, provide operational resources and co-create. As a multi-stakeholder coalition we combine many capabilities, from pharma to insurance, from medical technology to telco’s and from cloud provider to care provider. We are looking to bring in all voices, sectors and actors involved in the digital transformation of healthcare including:

Private Sector

NGOs and Civil Society

Healthcare providers

Government agencies


Funding organizations

Kowledge Institutes

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By joining us, you'll get an opportunity to:

Drive impact on the ground, together

Co-create public-private sector business models and economically viable products and services that help address the key systemic implementation and infrastructure challenges for digital health transformation on the ground. 

Find partners and learn from other members

Find complementary partners who can help disseminate or complement digital solutions and interventions. Learn from the fast-moving experiences of other DCCC members on various topics (e.g. business models, financing solutions) and from different perspectives (e.g. private and public sector, for-profit and non-profit sectors).

Access health-related insights

Access to health-related context-specific insights, in depth problem understanding and emerging collaborative opportunity spaces related to digital health in low- and middle-income countries.

Receive support in multi-stakeholder collaboration

Receive support in the facilitation of multi-stakeholder collaboration and the identification and formation of new strategic on the ground initiatives.

Share investments and risks

Share in investments and risks in new collaborations in emerging markets. 

Increase the visibility of your work

Increase the visibility of your work in the global landscape by tapping into the DCCC communication actions.

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