What we do

Our primary goal

We connect stakeholders in the digital health landscape to find new ways for public and private organizations to partner in digital health projects for impact and to share knowledge and insights.

Our key activities

Collaborate with stakeholders

We convene and coordinate global, regional and national stakeholders in the digital health landscape and find new ways for public and private organizations to partner for impact. We enable organic connections between our members and connect them with complementary organizations and initiatives. 

Fast-track projects

We take a venture approach to fast-tracking digital health projects, matching the right parties to the challenge to achieve direct impact on the ground. The venture approach makes use of the capabilities of global, regional and national parties to develop scalable business models and economically viable products and services. 

Facilitate learning

We facilitate learning to address the systemic barriers to digital health transformation and speed up scaling. We exchange knowledge and develop proof points and insights emerging from our collaborative projects to help facilitate scaling and replicability. 

Our geographic and project focus

Our geographic focus is on Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia

Within the health and wellbeing space our focus is on as our name suggests, digital connected care. We are focused on initiating scalable projects supporting community and primary care and the healthcare referral system to support self-care and prevention.

Read about the global challenge we are committed to helping solve, and the role of digital health. 

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