DCCC Call: The Lancet and Financial Times Commission on Governing health futures 2030: Growing up in a Digital World

From: 14th February 15:00 CET 2023

To: 14th February 16:00 CET 2023

Location of event: Microsoft Teams

More than a year on from the publication date (24th October 2021) of the Lancet and Financial Times Commission’s report titled “Governing health futures 2030: Growing up in a Digital World,” we will take this opportunity to learn: what has been developed since the publication and what can we, as the private sector, do to help move the report’s recommendations forward?   In their report, the Lancet and Financial Times Commission proposes a new vision for the governance of digital transformations and data: one that moves away from current models of commercialisation and data extraction, and towards public purpose and Universal Health Care. The Commission’s recommendations set out a roadmap for all public and private stakeholders to contribute to a trusted governance architecture that will support sustainable health futures for all.   The private sector, which is often more agile in adapting to the pace of digital innovations, plays a large role in influencing the direction of governing digital transformations. In this DCCC Call, participants will have the opportunity to hear key findings and insights from the Commission’s report and discuss the potential roles of private sector actors in implementing the Commission’s recommendations.   Join us on the 14th where commission co-chairs, Professors Ilona Kickbusch and Anurag Agrawal, will present key findings and insights from the Commission’s work. GHFutures2030 Regional Youth Champion, Brian Li Han Wong, will share more about the central role that young people played in development of the Commission’s report. The discussion will be moderated by Nancy Kasvosve, from DCCC member Philips, who will touch upon what we as the DCCC can do to help move the commission’s recommendations forward.   If you would like to familiarize yourself with the Governing Health Futures 2030 report the Executive Summary is available in 11 languages here. We hope to welcome you at this first DCCC Call of 2023!

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