DCCC Call: AI in Digital Health: Implementation and Collaboration

From: 9th November 14:00 CET 2023

To: 9th November 15:00 CET 2023

Location of event: Microsoft Teams

We are organizing this online event ‘AI in Digital Health: Implementation and Collaboration’ for both our members and any other interested parties to learn more about implementation of Artificial Intelligence in digital health in low-and middle-income countries: its implementation and applicability in digital health, safeguarding its good use, the role of government regulation, equity and access to AI, and collaboration within the health ecosystem.   We have invited two speakers with hands-on experience implementing AI-based solutions within the digital health space:  
  • Sanya Chawla, Director of Global Health Innovation at Qure.ai, which has developed a deep learning technology to provide automated interpretation of radiology exams to enable faster diagnosis and speed to treatment.
  • Kartik Dhar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Project Echo, an initiative that focuses on using AI to build health information infrastructure in rural and underserved communities around the world.
  • Karen Bhatia, Faculty Lecturer at Stanford University and Co-founder and President Emeritus of Stanford Startups NY and renowned expert in the field of using tech and business innovation to propel equitable economic development, including artificial intelligence and blockchain will moderate the event.
  These speakers will delve into the challenges, successes, do’s and don’ts of implementing AI solutions within the digital health ecosystem. There will be time for open dialogue, to ask questions, seek help for AI-challenges you might face, and forge connections with potential partners.   📅 Sign up, save the date and join our discussion!  

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