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How does this organization contribute to our joint mission to accelerate the digital transformation as a means to achieve UHC in LMICs by 2030?

Philips aims to expand access to care to 400 million people in underserved communities by 2030. Our goal is to help strengthen health systems via the digital transformation of healthcare. We deliver meaningful innovation by connecting people, data and technology, together with our customers and partners in the ecosystem. We help expand access to affordable, quality care by:
– driving digital connectivity and technological innovation;
– developing new business models and financing solutions;
– building strong partnerships within an ecosystem of collaboration.

What does this organization bring to the DCCC network?

Next to our core offerings and activities, Philips brings in insights and expertise along with a large network of digital health partners. Philips has been investing in and co-driving the DCCC from the start, and will continue supporting the coalition. Philips also brings in digital health collaboration opportunities, learnings from past projects and support in designing care delivery models in LMIC’s.

DCCC Projects

VODAN-Africa aims to unleash the full potential of health data for African countries.

Implementing a comprehensive and integrated care model in Indian primary care facilities.

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