Location: Africa

How does this organization contribute to our joint mission to accelerate the digital transformation as a means to achieve UHC in LMICs by 2030?

PharmAccess is an international NGO dedicated to strengthening health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. We take a holistic approach, leverage public-private partnerships and harness digital technology to increase access to affordable, quality care for vulnerable groups. Our quality improvement program (SafeCare) has supported 5,000 healthcare providers, and our Medical Credit Fund has reached 2,000 clinics with loans worth 155 million USD. Our inclusive mobile health platform connects 4.5 million people to care, and 18 million people have access to health insurance though PharmAccess supported programs.

What does this organization bring to the DCCC network?

PharmAccess has over 20 years of experience working at the forefront of health system strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over this time, we have become recognized as a thought leader on digital health, healthcare quality improvement and health financing (e.g., health insurance and investments). Our success comes from the strength of our partnerships – we have 150 partners, ranging from government institutions to companies and from academia to donors. PharmAccess employs 220 people through offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and the Netherlands, with 70% based in our African offices.

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VODAN-Africa aims to unleash the full potential of health data for African countries.

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