Parkers Mobile Clinic

Location: Africa

How does this organization contribute to our joint mission to accelerate the digital transformation as a means to achieve UHC in LMICs by 2030?

Parkers Mobile Clinic bridges the digital divide in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) by providing telemedicine, home-based care, and community outreach to underserved communities in southeastern Nigeria. Their model empowers patients, drives adoption through a mobile app, improves efficiency with secure payments and digital record-keeping, and strengthens healthcare systems through collaboration and data-driven insights. By partnering with Parkers Mobile Clinic and the Digital Connected Care Coalition, they aim to accelerate digital transformation and ensure healthcare reaches all areas of LMICs by 2030.

What does this organization bring to the DCCC network?

Parkers Mobile Clinic brings a comprehensive array of capabilities to the Digital Connected Care Coalition. With a proven model in telemedicine and home-based care, Parkers has effectively reached remote and vulnerable communities in Southeast Nigeria, demonstrating its ability to address healthcare disparities in challenging settings. The clinic’s community-focused approach, forged through partnerships with local NGOs and health workers, ensures sustainable impact and deep-rooted engagement within the communities it serves. Leveraging innovative tech-driven solutions such as a mobile app, Parkers empowers patients and streamlines healthcare processes, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Moreover, the clinic’s commitment to data-driven insights enables it to contribute valuable data to inform UHC strategies, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and targeted interventions. With its proven scalability potential, Parkers is poised to replicate and expand its successful model across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and looks forward to leveraging the support and collaboration offered by the DCCC to achieve this ambitious goal.

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