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How does this organization contribute to our joint mission to accelerate the digital transformation as a means to achieve UHC in LMICs by 2030?

Medisanté enables the hospital at home with global medical IOT by keeping the device experience seamless and secure at scale for care teams and their patients in virtual care. Patients benefit from a secure and global cellular IOT connectivity brought to their home via a broad range of devices and gateways from multiple manufacturers. They no longer need to configure a device via a smartphone, which prevented a scalable IOT data collection by health it systems during the pandemic. They can be included in remote patient monitoring programs regardless of social determinants of health.

What does this organization bring to the DCCC network?

Technical/support teams rely on Medisanté hub (m+ hub), our medical IOT platform that replaces the software silos of MedTech vendors, to deliver medical IOT data as a service to care teams in the virtual care platform of their choice. Patients and care teams can be anywhere in the world and remote device monitoring (RDM) across vendor/platform/country silos allows to scale global remote patient monitoring (RPM) or decentralized clinical trials (DCT) while making no compromise on patient inclusion and the location of medical expertise. This opens the possibility for DCCC to run new programs.

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