Helium Health

Location: Africa

How does this organization contribute to our joint mission to accelerate the digital transformation as a means to achieve UHC in LMICs by 2030?

At Helium, we are building the critical digital infrastructure to power and optimize healthcare across emerging markets. Having served over 1000 healthcare providers, we are one of the leading providers of digital health tools and public health software in SSA. Through our innovations and strategic collaboration, we are accelerating Africa’s transition to a technology and data driven healthcare sector.

Our company was founded with an ambitious but clear goal – to use technology and data to transform healthcare delivery in emerging markets. Launched in 2017 with our flagship product, a comprehensive, reimagined, and intuitive EMR/HMIS built specifically for emerging markets, Helium Health now provides an interconnected suite of technology solutions for all healthcare stakeholders: providers, payers, patients, and public health partners. These solutions boost efficiency, plug financial leakages, simplify healthcare financing, surface actionable data, and improve patient outcomes.

What does this organization bring to the DCCC network?

We provide dynamic digital health tools, financing for healthcare providers, and empower public health stakeholders with insights that enable better healthcare standards across the continent. We have experience in implementing systems in LMICs and work in areas of low connectivity, power issues and financing deficits so we must find innovative ways to bridge these gaps. We are passionate about quality of care for the end user and so we embed that into all the technology we build. Our technology solutions are instrumental in ensuring healthcare continuity amidst crisis, providing vital data for informed decision-making during humanitarian emergencies, and facilitating remote healthcare access when traditional infrastructure is compromised.

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